Timbabuild ERC10 400ml


20 minute curing formula for spot repairs by sash window specialists

A viscous consistency to allow it to gel and cure in a faster time. This makes it amenable to spot repairs, emergency repairs, and splicing with smaller repair areas particularly where the wood is damaged as opposed to rotten e.g. vandalism. Used extensively by sash window specialists where the unit is removed entirely and is therefore laid flat.

  • order code 53002 400ml packed 20pcs
  • 1.23 g/cm3 density (Viscous)
  • Minor repairs and one-off urgent repairs
  • Cill replacement repair for damaged wood
  • Horizontal repairs or with shuttering
  • Cured Strength 1500 N/mm2 Tensile

Typical gel time – 5 mins
Typical cure time – 1 hour

*200C base material temp.

Twin Tube
Weight 650g
Length 230ml
Width 90ml
Depth 45ml

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