two-part epoxy resin

Timbabuild® EHB4 and ERC Professional manufactured by Chemfix, is a two-part thixotropic 1:1 ratio mix solvent free, epoxy based wood filler. It is specially designed for large and extensive repairs to areas of damaged and rot affected timber

Key benefits

• Solvent Free – suitable for indoors and outdoors.
• Thixotropic – Ideal for Vertical & Horizontal applications.
• Cartridge System Ensures Accurate Mixing.
• High Strength & Durability.
• Fast and Simple to Use, Easy to Clean and Store.
• Used with the EWS primer system.
• Cured and ready for painting within four hours (at 20-45ºC).
• Suitable for Splicing Repairs and as an adhesive. (Lamination)
• Used in Renovation contracts to restore listed buildings.
• Epoxy formulation does not shrink and gives an excellent bond.
• VOC A+

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