About us

Sole suppliers of Australia’s fastest curing range of super tough epoxy timber repair products, developed specifically for the professional timber restoration and painting sectors.

Our premium quality, fast curing time saving products will enable you to restore and paint timber windows, doors and fascias’s or almost any timber structure in just one day!

  • Achieve Faster Professional Restoration Results
  • Increase Profits
  • Cut down on repeat visits, time constraints and travel costs
  • Patented dual cartridge extruding system guarantees perfect 1/1 mix every time .    No guessing and no mess
  • Sealer and Epoxy are easy to mix and apply
  • All products are solvent free so no noxious fumes
  • Timbabuild Australia Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned and operated business.

"Timbabuild is a no mess, no fuss resin developed by professionals for professionals"

Timbabuild Australia has liaised with various Architectural Heritage Consultants

Over the past five years, our products have been deemed suitable in sensitive restoration projects throughout Australia.

Together our products have been used at Edward Street, Brisbane, over 19 Heritage Train Stations throughout NSW including Sydney Central Station and Government House in Victoria, just to name a few.  

Whether used for minor window repairs or complete restorations of period and heritage listed properties the Timbabuild Super Tough Epoxy Repair System is revolutionising the way we restore, it's capacity to spot repair the effected area and keeping the integrity of the remaining original timber.

It seals and repairs timbers permanently and can also be used as an adhesive when splicing in new sections of timber. It can be moulded to reproduce shapes and profiles, sanded, planed, routed drilled and fixed into.

It can also be dyed any colour to reproduce natural and period timber colours including wood graining effects used in period restorations, furniture and natural timber flooring repairs and restoration.

Growing with technology: As Timbabuild Australia runs a virtual office, we understand it is important to respond to enquiries.  Therefore, we have opened a WhatsApp business account; this provides another channel to respond to enquiries and provide customers with the ability to view our products and place orders.